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This is an initiative by the Department Nephrology, KG Hospital, Coimbatore India to support the public to maintain their body sodium level for healthier living

Why this app and what is the novelty ? Kg RamVeeRa - Salt monitoring for long life

Dr .Ilangovan Veerappan


Prof A.Rajagopal


  • This app is usefull to predict salt intake per day in grams from urine sample and prevent risk to heart,Kidney and Brain.

  • What can be predicted can be prevented from risk.

  • This is not conventional hardware based medical device or equipment , but software based ICT platform.

  • This is user friendly and valid for anyone between age 18 and 80 years.

  • It does not require cumbersome process of storage container facility and patient's followup for 24 hrs.

  • Environmnetal friendly and save storage space.

  • This does not ask for urine collection for 24hours and it is only testing single spot sample in the morning time.

  • This facilitates the convenience of using Single spot morning sample.

  • This is a user friendly app and self explanotory.

  • This is an innovation by the Department of Nephrology, KG Hospital for the public as a positive health initiative.

Knowing Controlling Enjoying Life About Salt

  • Each individuals body contains ~ 120g of salt and requires only ~ 3-4 g per day

  • Every Indian on average intakes 9-14 g per day which twice the prescribed threshold

  • Salt intake drives Hypertension , Stroke , heart Disease,Kidney Disease and Peripheral Vascular Disease

  • A small decrease in salt intake levels (1 g/person/day) will lower stroke and heart attack deaths by more than 7%

  • 20% of World death can be attributed to excess salt intake

  • World Kidney Organization identified 30% reduction in salt intake as one of seven target to achieve by 2025

  • A 3 g reduction in salt intake per day can reduce the health care expenditure by 5-20 billion dollars

  • Salt intake can be a preventive measure for the aforesaid conditions

  • This user friendly app advises the user on the current salt intake and necessary measures to adjust salt intake in order to maintain WHO Standards of optimal salt intake

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